Taemin (Tae/hyung and Ji/min) is the friendship pairing between Jimin and V. Argueably the strongest and most obvious pairing in BTS. As they are both 95' liners, Jimin and Taehyung have admitted they are bestfriends. They've also mentioned how they want to go into their military service together as well as go on trips together without the TV cameras. When either of them are troubled or upset, they are each-others go-to person to talk about their issues.

Other Names

  • Jihyung (Ji/min and Tae/hyung)
  • Timin (T/aehyung and J/imin)
  • Jimhyung (Jim/in and Tae/hyung)
  • Vmin (V and Ji/min)



  • Both have ear piercings.
  • Both can sing.
  • Both born in 1995.
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both like the colour black.
  • Both went to the same school.
  • Both can speak Korean, English and Japanese.


  • V has been in a show, however Jimin has not.
  • Jimin's favourite subject is Art, however V's favourite is Music.
  • V has a dog, however Jimin does not.
  • Jimin can speak Chinese, but V can't.


  • They are both in the band BTS.
  • They were classmates at school.


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