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This is a page dedicated to sub units. 

Rap Line


The rap line is consistent the rappers of the group: RM , Suga, and J-Hope and focuses on rap. The Rap Line release a single every album. The Rap Line recently released a single called ddaeng.

Vocal Line


The vocal line is consistent the vocal members of the group: Jungkook , Jimin , V, and Jin and focuses on vocal performances. The Vocal line release a song every album.

Hyung Line


Hyung is the korean word for "big brother" but is also used when a man is refering to an older man. The hyung line consists of the older members of the group: Jin, Suga, J-Hope and RM.

Maknae Line


The maknae line consists of the youngest members of the group: Jungkook, V, Jimin.

Jungkook is the official maknae of BTS, as he is the overall youngest member.

94 Line


The 94 line is consistent of RM and J-Hope who were both born in 1994. They also have a ship.

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95 Line


The 95 line is consistent of Jimin and V who were both born in 1995. They also have a ship.

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Dance Line


The dance line is a line of the better dancers in the group and is consistent of the J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and as of 2018, V.



SOPE opening the Hwagae Market

SOPE (usually written as SOPE-ME but always pronounced SOPE) is a comedic vocal duo made by J-Hope and Suga.The group originally started as a comedic duo where they would open the Hwagae Market[1] and do fun stuff on Vlive, however in order to add to the comedic aspect of the unit, they ended up covering a vocal song of HOMME, an idol group that used to perform under Big Hit Entertainment, in 2016 BTS FESTA's Happy BTS Day Party. They later wrote a song after a joke they made at the Wake up tour in Japan. They also have a ship.

Article on SOPE: YoonSeok



R&V is a sub unit created for 2017 BTS FESTA's Home Party. It consists of the leader and lead rapper, RM and main vocalist, V, the name of the unit is a pun on RM and V. They compsed and performed a song called 4 O'clock. The song itself was made in order to help V get into producing. They also have a ship.

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SIN is a sub unit created for 2017 BTS FESTA's Home Party. It consists of main rapper Suga and main vocal Jin, the name of the unit is a combination of their stage names. They performed covers of each others solo songs, Never Mind and Awake. They also have a ship.

Main article: YoonJi



3J is a sub unit created for 2017 BTS FESTA's Home Party. It consists of the previous dance line(before V was confirmed as a member of the line): J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, the name of the unit is a refrence on how their stage names all start with a "J". They performed three dance covers.


  1. The Hwagae Market is an actual market and is located in the middle of the Gyeongsang Province, where Daegu, Suga's hometown is, and the Jeolla Province, where Gwangju, J-Hope's homwtown is. Despite the fact that people from the Gyeongsang Province and the Jeolla Province don't usually get along, when they enter the Hwagae Market, they leave their differences at the entrance.