Skit: R U Happy Now?
ORUL82 Cover
Skit by BTS
from the album O!RUL8,2?
Original title Skit: R U Happy Now?
Released September 11, 2013
Format CD, digital download, streaming
Length 2:28
Language Korean
Label Big Hit Entertainment
Producer(s) Pdogg
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Next If I Ruled the World

"Skit: R U Happy Now?" is the third skit by the South Korean boy band BTS. The track was released on September 11, 2013 from the second album of the group O!RUL8,2?.



어디야 여기

쟨 차에 타자 말자 자냐

몇시야 몇시

지금 6시 30분 정도 됐어요..

다 와가고 있겠네요

거의 다 왔네

아이 자고 싶은데 한숨도 못잤어요 진짜 아..

우리 휴게소 안들..안들려요?

내가 아까 그렇게 사정사정 했는데..

야 6시 30분인데
들릴 수가 있냐 싸야지

아냐 들러야 해 지금
방광이 터질것같아

화장실 너무 급해 진짜

방광폭발 직전

아까 대구팬싸인회 때
화장실 못들려서 지금
죽을 것 같다 진짜

참아요 참아야 해

다들 방광 괜찮아?
Are you ok?


I’m ok!

지금 노크하는거야? 내 방광에?
내 방광에 왜 노크를 하니 아 진짜

아 괜찮은지 검사하고 싶어가지고

아이 진짜

아 자다가 잠이 다 깨네 아이..

다 와가니까 뭐...

근데 대전팬싸 진짜 기대된다

내가 너네들의 방광을
좀더 쫄깃하게 할 말...


있다가 팬싸인회 끝나고
안무해야 돼

안무?! 어..

어 쫄깃해 어 쫄깃해 어..

진짜 더 쫄깃하게

아 빨리 가고 싶다

가사 써야 돼 가사 써야 돼

더블더블 콤보

비트 받았어?

비트? 비트 왔나?
뭐 하나 하나 와,
왔긴왔는데.. PD님한테

나 들어봤는데 비트 좋아


어 이거 이거 전에 들었던 건데

근데 처음 들을 때는 쫄깃하게 좋아
… 근데

(Oh, Yeah♪
내 이름은 뷔~♪)

내가 이걸 두시간 동안 들었거든?
가사가 안나와

(Yeah~♪  V~♪)


아 가사 쓰면 싫어진다

(Uh, uh♪)


(Yeah, uh♪)

아 언제쓰냐 와아...큰일났다

V야 시끄러



정국이 코 좀 막아주면 안돼냐…

어 진짜 쟤 왜 저렇게 고냐..

진짜 진짜 저심정 다 알어

부럽다 어리다

아이 몸이 좀

힘들긴 하지 요즘

피곤하네 좀 못자니까

아 그래도 뭐..
힘들어도 이게 행복한거 아닌가?



아 행복하다

근데 솔직히 좀 행복해요

팬들 보러가자 아잇

너무 행복하죠..

그래 언제 이런걸 행복했어

연습생 때
꿈꿔 오던게 이런 거잖아


아무래도 행복하지

바쁜게 행복한거야 진짜



야 깼냐?


일어나 임마 빨리..


휴게소 왔는데 깨냐..

어 얼굴, 얼굴 부었어..


쟨 또 얼굴 부었어

완전 부었어


야 너 좀 있다 팬싸야 임마


Where are we?

Sleeping as soon as he gets in the car…

What time is it, what time?

It’s about 6:30 right now

I woke up straight away…

We’re almost there

I really wanted to sleep but couldn’t fall asleep.

Are we going to the rest stop?

I asked about that earlier..

It’s 6:30 am, do you really think
we could go to the rest stop right now?

No, we have to go now
I feel like my bladder’s going to explode!

I really need to go to the bathroom!

If I don’t go now, it’s really going to explode

At the Daegu fansign
I really needed the bathroom but couldn’t go
I thought I was going to die

Hold it in. Hold it in!

Is everyone’s bladder okay?
Are you ok?


I’m ok!

Wait, is this being recorded? My bladder?
My bladder, why are you recording, ah seriously...

I want to check to see if this [the recording] is okay.

Ah, seriously..

Ah, I could have slept..

‘Cause we’ve arrived already

The Daejeon fansign will be really fun

You know,
listening to the song makes my bladder tighter


We should just do the choreography
at the fansign later

The choreography?! Uh..

Yeah, awesome, awesome…

Seriously awesome

Ah, hurry up, I wanna go

You have to write lyrics, you have to write lyrics

Double, double combo!

Did you get the beat?

The beat? Did it come?
Wait, I think it did come
but I only heard it from the PD

I heard it, I like it


Oh, this, I’ve heard this already

It’s really nice when you first hear it!
… But…

(Oh, Yeah♪
My name is V~♪)

I listened to this for two hours
but couldn’t come up with any lyrics

(Yeah~♪ V~♪)

What do we do?

I hate writing the lyrics

(Uh, uh♪)

Is it ok?

(Yeah, uh♪)

Ah, when you write… wow

V, shut up.



Before that,
can someone please cover Jungkook’s nostrils?

Yeah, why does this kid snore so much?

I know, he’s totally out of it right now
…you’re tired, right?

I’m jealous, so young.

Ah, my body is a bit…

Yeah, it’s really tiring

Because I can’t sleep

But even though we’re tired,
aren’t we all happy right now?

Of course… what…

Are you not happy?

Ah, I’m happy.

To be honest, I AM happy.

Let’s see our fans

I’m so happy

Yeah, when will we ever get to do something like this?

After all, this is what we were
dreaming of when we were trainees


Still, I'm happy

I’m happy to be busy, really

Of course

(Jjang Jjang)

Are you awake now?

Yeah… the rest stop

Get up, dude, hurry…

The rest stop..

Waking up when we arrive at the rest stop

Oh, his face, his face is swollen

It’s amazing

His face is still swollen

Seriously swollen

It’s amazing

Hey you, the fansign, dude





  • "Skit: R U Happy Now?" was released on September 11, 2013.
  • BTS only speak in this.


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