MinJoon (Ji/min and Nam/joon) is the friendship pairing between Rap Monster and Jimin. Its clear these two care about each-other a lot. They have both had personaly struggles in the past, and as Jimin is naturally a very caring person, and Namjoon as the leader looks after everyone, its likely they have supported each-other through those times.

Other Names

  • Namin (Nam/joon and Jim/in)
  • Jimjoon (Jim/in and Nam/joon)



  • Both have ear piercings.
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both have blonde hair.
  • Both born in South Korea.
  • Both blood types are A.
  • Both can rap and sing.


  • Jimin was born in 1995, whilst RM was born in 1994.
  • Jimin is a vocalist in BTS, whilst RM is the main rapper.
  • RM was born in Goyang, South Korea, but Jimin was born in Busan, South Korea.


  • They both are in the band BTS.


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