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Fourth era of BTS
Original title LOVE YOURSELF
Release August 11, 2017–present
Jungkook poster released–present
Albums Love Yourself 'Her'
Love Yourself 'Tear'
Love Yourself 'Answer'
Members Jin
Previous Wings

"Love Yourself" is the fourth era of BTS's career, it consists of a series of albums and short films with theme "self-love".[1]

All the eras are connected and makes the fictional Bangtan Universe.


The "Highlight Reel" (起承轉結) is four short films released as the beginning of the series.

The introduction of the series "Wonder" (起) is a short film with the track, Euphoria sung by Jungkook.

The development of the series "Her" (承) is a mini album, Love Yourself 'Her' with the intro Serendipity sung by Jimin.

  • The intro is about falling in love and the mini album explains about differing experiences of love.[2]

The twist of the series "Tear" (轉) is a studio album, Love Yourself 'Tear' with the intro Singularity sung by V.

  • The studio album explains about dark sides and the sad sides of love. [3]

The conclusion of the series "Answer" (結) is a compilation album, Love Yourself 'Answer' with the comeback trailer Epiphany sung by Jin.




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