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Original title BANGTAN BOMB
Genre Behind the scenes
Starring RM
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 465
Location(s) South Korea, United States, Japan
Running time 1–10 minutes per episode
Original network YouTube
Original release June 19, 2013–present
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Bangtan Bomb (stylized as BANGTAN BOMB) are short videos featuring the members of BTS having fun in behind the scenes of music shows, award shows, events, dance practices and live stages.


1. VJ 정국
2. 흥겨운 슙&진&국의 춤사위
3. 적외선 카메라와의 첫 만남
4. 방탄소년들이 아플 땐?
5. 대기실에서 방탄소년들의 놀이
6. 지민이의 랩
7. Tom and Jerry SUGA&Jimin and Jin
8. 더우시죠? It is hot today, isn't it?
9. VJ Jin Debut!
10. Kind & Big Lion Styling
11. Cool spray
12. Jungkook wants to eat a doughnut
13. Jin의 애교
14. V's glasses
15. the happening in Changwon 1 : Watermelon
16. the happening in Changwon 2 : Icecream match
17. Jung kook is drawing "좋아요"
18. Jimin's see-through sleeveless shirt
19. 태태magazine NEWS
20. V's hard dance practice
21. HELLO! VJ Jin is back
22. Eye contact with Jin
23. Jimin's tumbling skill
24. Jungkook's sight
25. SUGA with basketball
26. Singing Born Singer
27. BTS with helium-filled Balloon
28. Really Jimin is elder than Jungkook
29. Q&A Time in yellow post-it Room
30. BTS like BAAAM of Dynamic Duo
31. BTS Dance time
32. j-hope & Jungkook are Rapper!
33. Sleeping beau...ty!
34. 1st Minialbum Comeback feeling
35. Concept trailer practice
36. Singing at standby time
37. Jimin's 'GIRL'S DAY- FEMALE PRESIDENT' dance
38. Shy shy shy JungKook
39. NEW BTS Uniform
40. Sleeping boys
41. Saturday dancing time!
42. BTS does a funny imitation of V.
43. Congratulations to Jimin!
44. V's dance with 'kkomul kkomul' song
45. j-hope's 'Push push' dance
46. N.O (Trot ver.) by Jungkook and (Opera ver.) by BTS
47. Curious Cute Rapmonster & j-hope
48. Rapper Jimin & V and Rap monster!
49. Kings of Jump rope
50. BTS N.O lip-sync...? Dance..?
51. naughty boys V&Jimin!
52. Focus on Jimin's come-hither look
53. taking a twitter group picture!
54. N.O last day!
55. Attack on BTS at dance practice
56. Dancing Machine ohohoh
57. Hunter Jungkook and V rabbit
58. Today's Letter deliverer Jimin!
59. Rap Monster's Change Magic show!
60. V's solo dance in the night
61. BTS style 'Hush' of Miss A
62. Practicing Special MC ment
63. Jin's Bithday party (shooting by V PD)
64. BTS Style 'NO.9' of T-ara at the ready time
65. Do you know how to bounce?
66. Attack on BTS at dance practice 2
67. Jimin's Sexy dance one point lesson
68. BTS likes 문을 여시오 (Open the Door) of 임창정
69. Photographer j-hope & Jung Kook lol
70. Movie Director Jung Kook
71. BTS Magic show
72. Sudden...Suddenly attack!
73. Dancing by Jimin & shooting by Jung Kook
74. 2014 New year's greeting from BTS
75. V's birthday episode
76. BTS on runway like Model
77. Jungkook...Jimin is elder than you LOL
79. BTS in the 28th Golden Disk Awards
80. Trot rookies on standby time of rehearsal
81. V is doing weird dance
82. Show your powerful sexy wave!
83. Drawing their 2014!
84. Show your feelings by using your body!
85. Jump! Jimin entered the high jump!
86. Hanbok dance time (shooting by Jimin)
87. Just watching Jung Kook lip sync show
88. Do you know 'Clon - Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah'?
89. before last stage of Japan showcase
90. Free Dance Time in front of A.R.M.Y _140113
91. Hello, Jin!
92. Let's intercept SUGA!
93. Welcome to BTS Class, Mr. Camera!
94. Boy's confessions by their own way
95. when BTS was practicing the showcase
96. Battle of acting charming
97. SUGA on the basketball hoop
98. Something by Jung kook, Jimin and JIN
99. Why are you shaking my heart? - V show time!
100. 'Don't tease me' dance by BTS

101. V's Change Magic show!
102. Jung Kook's Dance guide
103. 'You don't love me of SPICA' dance by BTS
104. V is wearing BOMB..?
105. Jutti Meri Oye~ Hoi~ Hoi~ (Catallena of Orange Caramel)
106. Rap making by Jimin & Jung Kook
107. angry j-hope LOL
108. BTS Cypher ver. Jung Kook & V
109. 'This Love' practice for Show Champion
110. After Show champion special stage
111. 'Just one day' practice (Appeal ver.)
112. The way to express the music '썸(Some)' of SoYou&JunggiGo
113. Full moon(of Sunmi) cover ver. by BTS
114. Let's test BTS' nerve!
115. Jimin's kiwi juice CF (narration by j-hope)
116. medley show time! (performed by BTS)
117. Always happy happy boy, j-hope !
118. suddenly Rap party
119. The reason why Jung Kook & Jin did running
120. Something ver.2 by Rap Monster, Jimin, Jin and j-hope!
121. ZzzzzZ....Z....zz...zzzZ
122. Finding Jung Kook by Jimin PD
123. V's magic
124. Whatcha Doin' Today?
125. 눈,코,입 (EYES, NOSE, LIPS) of BTS
126. 눈,코,입 (EYES, NOSE, LIPS) of Jung Kook (Feat.Jimin)
127. SUGA's way to make a 'ssam' fast!
128. Nick Name T-shirts! (95z cam #1)
129. Let's speak English!
130. BTS run way ! (95z cam #2)
131. You're a holiday , such a holiday~ (Bee Gees - Holiday)
132. Play to become the famous Artists!
133. What am I to you?
134. Before BTS Special stage
135. Friday & Some with BTS
136. BTS stretching Time
137. Runway in the night
138. 방탄도령단 - 危險 (Appeal ver.)
139. Rap Monster Birthday Tweet Relay
140. BTS' selfie recording Danger
141. Various beatbox by BTS (
142. BTS Match! (1) Omok (SUGA vs Jimin)
143. BTS Match! (2) hit the bottle top
144. SUGA free...? HOPE free!
145. stretching doing dance in BTS free time
146. Touch my body (of SISTAR)
147. recommend the songs (Selfie with VJ Kook)
148. Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!
149. Eating salad
150. SUGA free...? HOPE free..? MON free!
151. SUGA's eyes & Jimin's delusion lol
152. BTS got a sunglass from Mpd!
153. Jimin's dance detail practice
154. 'Danger' last day mission
155. Grasping power fight with V
156. Hi! Let me introduce myself!
157. While You Were Sleeping
158. Dance #1. Drop That NaeNae!
159. Dance #2 Wiggle!
160. BTS Cypher Fan no.1 V
161. Jimin is on the phone with Ms.A.R.M.Y.
162. War of hormone in Halloween
163. Rapmon's Dance lesson
164. Enjoy 2014 Halloween
165. how to take a selfie
166. follow BTS! (j-hope Cam)
167. SUGA's sleep mate
168. Beautiful (BTS ver.)
169. lip sync princes
170. V's monologue
171. what are BTS members doing? (j-hope cam)
172. Hi~Camera~ This.....??
173. Pretty Age 25 (turn up!)
174. j-hope's exercise
175. BTS' Stream of consciousness Bomb
176. Lalalalalalalala OK! perform by Jin & Mon
177. one part repeated practice (-loop)
178. 'A guy like me' lip-sync by JungKook (V cam)
179. What Jimin wants to say to j-hope is....
180. Someone like you (sung & produced by V)
181. 2015.01.01, After countdown event
182. Who are Elders in BTS? lol
183. Rap Monster's performance class
184. Finding Jung Kook by Jimin PD (2)
185. MAL dance made by j-hope
186. Practicing for Show Music core 'special MC'
187. like in a singing room
188. follow BTS! 2222 (Jimin Cam)
189. 95z dance time with a Beat app
190. always rhythmically!
191. Jin and Jimin's Push-up time
192. BTS at the 24th Seoul Music Awards
193. the 29th Golden Disc Awards in Beijing (BTS Self cam.)
194. Jin and Jimin's Push-up time 2
195. Forest of Dreams(by Kinetic Flow) in Beijing
196. BTS at the 4th Gaon chart Awards 2015
197. it's tricky is title! BTS, here we go! (by Run–D.M.C.)
198. j-hope vs 95z
199. touch my body~ body~ j-hope likes this song!
200. Let's dry hair ~ lalalalalala~

201. Boys over Flowers
203. j-hope's RoboCop Jimin
204. BTS Jenga championship thanks to Twitter
205. V took a A.R.M.Y Bomb(Fan light)!
206. BTS' rhythmical farce! LOL
207. BTS Multiplication table Game!
208. Only j-hope's New Year's greeting
209. BTS rookie Camera Director Jung Kookie :D
210. after M!countdown 1st place T_T
211. after KBS Music Bank 1st Place
212. Jung Kook's self-cam with seagull in the sea (Jacket Shooting)
213. V's trot medley on the move to MV shooting place
214. Recording I NEED U chorus in BTS choir
215. very handsome boy Jimin
216. look their face over using the camera lol
217. Last day of 'I NEED U' stage @ Ingigayo
218. '호르몬전쟁' dance performance (Real WAR ver.)
219. Facial muscles exercise time in the car
220. UP down UP UP down @ dream concert
221. 1st meeting with Seolbing ?!
222. BTS Waking-up HOBI CAM @Dream concert
223. j-hope's solo special Dance stage @Dream Concert
224. SUGA&Rap Monster's special Collaboration stage @Dream Concert
225. j-hope&Jimin's 'DOPE' Music Video Reaction
226. JungKook's CUPID shot- O MY Seagull !
227. j-hope's gesture at 'DOPE' MV
228. omg j-hope world aegyo king (with V)
229. j-hope's automatic awareness CAM of BTS
230. Let's learn point dance with V
231. Jung Kook PD's directing
232. Jung Kook with Fun
233. Bike Rider
234. Singer j-hope & SUGA
235. Jimin: I got yes jam
236. It's the pose when BTS sleep normally
237. Becoming younger brother
238. Happy barbecue dance Performance
239. who is the wave Dance king of BTS?
240. Cheerleader jin with ARMY Bomb ─○"
241. a 400-meter relay race @ 아육대
242. Shooting guard SUGA with cheerleader 2 Jimin
243. Jimin self cam with A.R.M.Y
244. Know-how for making a handsome look (bonus. Mr.lip balm-JK)
245. Music bank special MC V
246. Ingigayo Special MC debut Rap Monster
247. Jimin's self camera (RUN 151204 ver.)
248. Playing the rhythm game (..and V's making a song )
249. 2 brushes for Jung Kook's teeth
250. 'RUN' christmas ver.
251. Sleeping Baby bothered with Jin
252. sleepy j-hope
253. Happy new year 2016!
254. BTS 5th Win @ real last day of 'RUN'
255. Hide and seek with JM, V, JK (#1)
256. Hide and seek with JM, V, JK (#2)
257. Backstage @ KBS song Festival 2015
258. Jung Kook collaboration stage with Zion.T
259. Jimin drawing a piano for SUGA
260. Rap Monster on the Speicial stage 'Buckubucku(부끄부끄)' feat.BTS
261. a 400-meter relay race @ 2016 설특집 아육대
262. Became an archer! SUGA & JIMIN's new challenge for ISAC
263. Dessert time @-@
264. Perfect boys 2015
265. SUGA is trying to wear contact lenses.
266. Jimin's singing 'Butterfly' over a loudspeaker
267. j-hope's singing 'RUN' over a loudspeaker
268. Jung Kook is still a baby....
269. 영화 '순정' VIP preview with Jin
270. Show Me Your BBA SAE!?!?
271. at the 30th Golden Disc Awards 2016
272. Actor Kim with Kook PD
273. Jung Kook's shopping
274. Snowball fight (Jimin's cam)
275. j-hope is trying to wear contact lenses.
276. 'Hand In Hand' @ ISAC 2016
277. 'FIRE' MV Shooting- 'j-hope' Follow ver.
278. 'FIRE' MV Shooting- 'SUGA' Follow ver.
279. 'FIRE' MV Shooting- 'Jin' Follow ver.
280. 'FIRE' MV Shooting- 'V' Follow ver.
281. 'FIRE' MV Shooting- 'RM' Follow ver.
282. 'FIRE' MV Shooting- 'JK' Follow ver.
283. 'FIRE' MV Shooting- 'JIMIN' Follow ver.
284. 'Show! Music Core' Special MC Jung kook!
285. Ingigayo 1st win and Jin & RM Special MC
286. 3:33 Jimin
287. '뱁새' Dance Practice (흥 ver.)
288. Special BANGTAN BOMB 1- Jimin & V 's Self Camera
289. Special BANGTAN BOMB 2 - RM's solo cut shooting
290. Special BANGTAN BOMB 3- j-hope & JK at MV shooting
291. Special BANGTAN BOMB 4- SUGA's Solo cut shooting
292. Special BANGTAN BOMB 5 - Let's make an autograph!
293. Special BANGTAN BOMB 6- Jin's practice before the shooting
294. Special BANGTAN BOMB 7- Jimin is elder than JK LOL
295. Special BANGTAN BOMB 8- Playing the guitar
296. Special BANGTAN BOMB 9 - lip-sync Big Hit Christmas carol
297. Special BANGTAN BOMB 10- We are bulletproof
298. 'FIRE' MV Shooting - Free gesture Time
299. Dancing with Rain
300. The Amazing Spider-kook..!

301. the challenge to 'Ssireum(Korean Wrestling)'
302. at 5th GAON CHART K-POP Awards
303. Arirang arirang~Arariyo~~
304. what a cute boy, j-hope! :-p
305. Professional 'Kim Daily' Photographer
306. 3:33 BTS ver.
307. Moni & Mini wearing twin-look
308. Dart King Jung Kook
309. Stretching Time before Dance scene @ 'FIRE' MV
310. Free dance time with JIMIN & V
311. j-hope & V did Ingigayo Special MC!
312. Jimin & Jung Kook did 'Show Music Core' Special MC!!
313. BTS' Relay race @ 2016 추석특집 아육대
314. Jin & Kook Massage Time
315. Jimin makes a quatrain with Jin & JK
316. JK's chatter: My baggy pants....
317. BTS' Vocal Duet 'SOPE-ME' Stage behind the scene
318. 'Coming of age ceremony' Dance cover by Jimin & Jung Kook
319. RM and Jin Dance Stage Behind the scene for BTS DAY PARTY 2016
320. V's Dream came true - 'His Cypher pt.3 Solo Stage'
321. JK's chatter : BTS Band?
322. '피 땀 눈물' MV Reaction by BTS
323. Jimin's Birthday at M countdown
324. Happy Birthday song for JIMIN (21세기 소녀)
325. V's message to A.R.M.Y
326. '21세기 소녀 (21st Century Girl)' Dance Practice (Halloween ver.)
327. Sweet Jin & Jung KOOK 's chatter
328. Heart performance with '피 땀 눈물'
329. Jimin's selfie cam – interview time with BTS
330. This is how V warms up his voice before singing
331. Jimin’s best dance imitation by Jung Kook
332. checking out the interview script after camera rehearsal @ Ingigayo
333. V's monitoring After Show Music Core Stage
334. 'WINGS' Short Film Special - Awake (Jin lip-sync)
335. 'WINGS' Short Film Special - MAMA (Acting j-hope)
336. 'WINGS' Short Film Special - Reflection (Power Monster)
337. 'WINGS' Short Film Special - First Love (SUGA's Playing the piano)
338. 'WINGS' Short Film Special - Stigma (Camera Director: V)
339. 'WINGS' Short Film Special - Lie (Jimin solo dance)
340. 'WINGS' Short Film Special - Begin (Crying JK)
341. Practicing Archery @ 2016 ISAC
342. Archery episode @ 2016 ISAC
343. Eat Jin @ BANGTAN BOMB
344. S-O-P-E Debut stage practice 'お疲れさまでした'
345. Jin&Jimin M countdown Special MC
346. j-hope&JungKook Show Music core Special MC
347. 'Blood Sweat & Tears' 2nd Win @ Music Bank
348. Mission! Make Jung Kook laugh!
349. V's new game (Feat. a water bottle)
350. Happy new year 2017!
351. Message to A.R.M.Y as '피 땀 눈물' last day
352. Ready to do 'Heart to A.R.M.Y' Mission @ Ingigayo
353. Jin's 'Skin diving' Training @ 정글의법칙
354. Hobi's self camera Diary
355. '말하자면' Special stage @ MBC 가요대제전 2016
356. RM & Jin Intro performance @ SBS 가요대전 2016
357. Jimin Opening show stage @ SBS 가요대전 2016
358. 'Rainism' Special stage @ MBC 가요대제전 2016
359. Jin's personal practice 'FIRE' @ SBS 가요대전 2016
360. stage greeting the New Year @ MBC 가요대제전 2016
361. Jin, RM and j-hope Monitoring Time
362. Jung Kook went to High school with BTS for graduation!
363. Happy Birthday to V @ KBS 가요대축제 2016
364. Funny Dance time @ ISAC 2017
365. Special Stage @ SBS 가요대전 2016
366. 400m Relay race @ ISAC 2017
367. Follow Cam of 'Not Today' @ M countdown
368. Jin's chatter time @ M countdown comeback stage of 'Spring Day'
369. Jin's Q&A time @ M countdown comeback stage of 'Spring Day'
370. Jin's Face-contact time @ M countdown comeback stage of 'Spring Day'
371. Eye contact with j-hope just for 10 seconds
372. Jung Kook is spinning round and round
373. '봄날(Spring Day)' Win & 1st place pledge @ M Countdown
374. BTS '봄날' Won @ Music bank (feat. 봄날 New dance by Jin)
375. Monitoring time after 봄날(Spring Day) stage @ 쇼! 음악중심
376. Last day of '봄날(Spring Day)' stage @ Ingigayo
377. Hi~ I'm V who don't know what giving up ^ⓥ^
378. '네시' Recording Moment for 613 BTS HOME PARTY by 'R&V'
379. 613 BTS HOME PARTY Practice - Unit stage '삼줴이(3J)'
380. 613 BTS HOME PARTY Practice - Unit stage 'R&V'
381. 613 BTS HOME PARTY Practice - Unit stage 'SIN'
382. BTS 'DNA' MV REAL reaction @6:00PM (170918)
383. ‘고민보다GO’ stage @COMEBACK SHOW ‘BTS DNA’
384. ‘MIC Drop’ stage @COMEBACK SHOW ‘BTS DNA’
385. ‘No More Dream’ stage @COMEBACK SHOW ‘BTS DNA’
386. 'DNA' Special Stage (BTS focus.) @COMEBACK SHOW
388. 'MIC Drop' Special Stage (BTS focus.) @COMEBACK SHOW
389. BTS ‘DNA’ 2x Dance Time @BTS COUNTDOWN
390. '고민보다 GO (GOGO)' Dance Practice (Halloween ver.)
391. Behind the stage of ‘고민보다Go’ @BTS DNA COMEBACK SHOW
392. Again ‘No More Dream’ 2017! @BTS DNA COMEBACK SHOW
393. Behind the stage of ‘MIC Drop’ @BTS DNA COMEBACK SHOW
394. Jimin’s Surprise Birthday Party
395. '고민보다 GO (Halloween ver.)' Behind
396. BTS 'MIC Drop' MV reaction
397. Happy new year 2018!
398. 'DNA' Special Stage (BTS focus) @MMA
399. '봄날' Special Stage (BTS focus) @MMA
400. Jin’s Surprise Birthday Party

401. V’s Surprise Birthday Party
402. 'MIC Drop' Special Stage (BTS focus) @MAMA
403. BTS with Special MC Jin @2017 KBS 가요대축제
404. V&Jungkook Singing at standby time
405. Behind the stage of ‘고민보다Go' (heart ver.) @2017 MBC 가요대제전
406. '고민보다 Go' Special Stage (BTS focus) @2017 MBC 가요대제전
407. 'MIC Drop' Special Stage (BTS focus) @2017 MBC 가요대제전
408. BTS' exciting Game room #1
409. BTS' exciting Game room #2
410. BTS' exciting Game room #3
411. BTS' exciting Game room #4
412. j-hope & Jimin Dancing in Highlight Reel (Focus ver.)
413. The cutest boy in the world is Hawaii-kkojili (suntanned JK in Hawaii) for BTS @VLIVE
414. JIMIN's Piano solo showcase
415. BTS standby time @ Mcountdown for DNA & MIC Drop comeback stage
416. VJ Hobi's self camera @Musicbank
417. BTS '고민보다 GO' stage with ARMY~perfect voice~
418. (toy) MIC Drop by J-HOPE
419. BTS won 1st place (subtitle. Special MC day) @Mcountdown
420. ‘FAKE LOVE’ Live Performance @2018 BBMAs
421. BTS PROM PARTY : UNIT STAGE - Black or White (Private Video)
424. Behind the stage of ‘Dope’ @BTS COUNTDOWN
425. BTS on standby time @BTS COUNTDOWN
426. ​'​Tomorrow' Special Stage (BTS focus) @​BTS COUNTDOWN
427. Jimin sings 'Serendipity' @BTS COUNTDOWN
429. Hobi's self camera @BTS COMEBACK SHOW
430. ​'​Anpanman' Special Stage (BTS focus) @​BTS COMEBACK SHOW
432. Camera Director Jung kook & V
433. ​'​Fire' Special Stage (BTS focus) @​BTS COMEBACK SHOW
434. Who gets up at the end?
435. Get Baby JK's attention
436. Jin & j-hope Massage Time?!
437. 'Best Of Me' Special Stage (BTS focus) @​BTS COMEBACK SHOW
438. Taking a photo carefully by JK
439. ​'​FAKE LOVE' Special Stage (BTS focus) @​​BTS COMEBACK SHOW
440. Sleeping beauty V!
441. Photographer JIN
442. Naughty Boy Hobi
443. ​'​Save ME + I'm Fine' Comeback Stage (BTS focus) @​MCOUNTDOWN
444. '​IDOL' Comeback Stage (BTS focus) @​MCOUNTDOWN
445. 'IDOL' Special Stage (BTS focus) @​2018 SOBA Awards
446. BTS 'IDOL' MV reaction
447. JIN's 'Epiphany' practice
448. Behind story at morning of MUSIC BANK day
449. Jimin is eating snack
450. JJIN time
451. JK & JIN's exercise time
452. JK's self hair styling
453. JK’s Surprise Birthday Party
454. Today JIMIN has not done 'JIMIN'
455. Excuses about destroyed JK's Shirt
456. '아미밤(ARMY BOMB)' acrostic poem!
457. SUGA is eating snack
458. BTS won the 1st & Special MC Jin @MUSICBANK
459. Last day of 'FAKE LOVE' stage @ Ingigayo
460. 'FAKE LOVE' Special Stage (BTS focus) @2018 AAA
461. 'IDOL' Special Stage (BTS focus) @2018 AAA
462. JK is trying new filming stuff
463. 'IDOL' Special Stage (BTS focus) @2018 MMA
464. ‘IDOL’ Intro Performance (3J focus) @2018 MMA
465. Jin & j-hope Play with Earrings

Most Watched

A list of most watched Bangtan Bombs.

# Title Views Release date
1. '고민보다 GO (GOGO)' Dance Practice (Halloween ver.) 81.3M October 27, 2017
2. '21세기 소녀 (21st Century Girl)' Dance Practice (Halloween ver.) 27.4M October 28, 2016
3. '호르몬전쟁' dance performance (Real WAR ver.) 25.6M June 4, 2015
4. '뱁새' Dance Practice (흥 ver.) 21.5M June 1, 2016
5. 'Just one day' practice (Appeal ver.) 19M April 15, 2014
6. War of hormone in Halloween 18.5M November 3, 2014
7. 613 BTS HOME PARTY Practice - Unit stage '삼줴이(3J)' 15.1M August 25, 2017
8. it's tricky is title! BTS, here we go! (by Run–D.M.C.) 13.3M February 6, 2015
9. BTS 'DNA' MV REAL reaction @6:00PM (170918) 13M September 20, 2017
10. 방탄도령단 - 危險 (Appeal ver.) 12.4M September 5, 2014