BTS: Bon Voyage

BTS Bon Voyage Season 1

BTS Bon Voyage Season 2

BTS Bon Voyage Season 3

Original title BTS Bon Voyage
Genre Reality show
Starring RM
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 24
Executive producer(s) "Hitman" Bang
Producer(s) Jun-soo
Location(s) Norway, Sweden, Finland, United States, Malta
Running time 26–57 minutes per episode
Distributor Naver
Original network V Live
Original release July 5, 2016–present
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BTS: Bon Voyage is a reality show about BTS traveling around the world.

The first season takes place in Northern Europe and lasts 10 days, celebrating their 3rd year anniversary. The second season takes place in Hawaii over 9 days. The third, currently airing, takes place in Malta, Europe.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 8 July 5, 2016 August 23, 2016
2 8 June 27, 2017 August 15, 2017
3 8 September 18, 2018 November 6, 2018


Season 1 (2016)

1 Bon Voyage Ep 1 Surprise Party
(서프라이즈 파티)
June 27, 2017
2 Bon Voyage Ep 2 What happened in Bergen? (with TaeTae's adventure)
(생긴 일 (with 태태의 모험))
July 5, 2016
3 Bon Voyage Ep 3 Humorous and playful tour over the mountains and seas!
(산 넘고 물 건너 좌충우돌 투어)
July 19, 2016
4 Bon Voyage Ep 4 BTS's lucky day
(방탄의 운수 좋은 날)
July 26, 2016
5 Bon Voyage Ep 5 Cheerful BTS's party in the cruise
(‘제대로’ 흥탄소년단의 선상파티)
August 2, 2016
6 Bon Voyage Ep 6 Camping-car ideals
(캠핑카의 로망)
August 9, 2016
7 Bon Voyage Ep 7 Naughty boys visit Finland!
(비글들의 핀란드 체험기)
August 16, 2016
8 Bon Voyage Ep 8 Merry Christmas in Summer
(한 여름의 크리스마스)
August 23, 2016
  • The "Episode 0" was released on June 22, 2016, as a teaser of the series.
  • 8 behind the scene cams are also available when you purchase the episodes.

Season 2 (2017)

1 Bon Voyage S2 Ep 1 Aloha, Hawaii!
(알로하~ 하와이!)
June 27, 2017
The beginning of Bon Voyage Season 2! They're now in Hawaii, the island of dreams!
2 Bon Voyage S2 Ep 2 Henna, Turtles, Key Rings
(헤나, 거북이, 열쇠고리)
July 4, 2017
Finally, the beginning of the package trip! What's the first impression of Big Island?
3 Bon Voyage S2 Ep 3 Shouting BTS out in the center of Hawaii
(하와이의 중심에서 BTS를 외치다)
July 11, 2017
BTS goes into the wondrous nature of Big Island!
4 Bon Voyage S2 Ep 4 The first helicopter experience of BTS
(방탄이들의 생애 첫 헬기 체험)
July 18, 2017
Pit-a-pat. How would BTS feel for their first helicopter ride?
5 Bon Voyage S2 Ep 5 Mission! Find the lodging!
(미션! 숙소를 찾아라!)
July 25, 2017
A mission given to BTS in Oahu. Could they make it to the lodging safely?
6 Bon Voyage S2 Ep 6 Waikiki's night is more beautiful than your day.
(와이키키의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다)
August 1, 2017
A beautiful and romantic night in Waikiki. Another night to remember!
7 Bon Voyage S2 Ep 7 Enjoy a hula dance
(Enjoy 훌라댄스)
August 8, 2017
A must-visit place in Hawaii! Let's jump into the attractiveness of hula dance!
8 Bon Voyage S2 Ep 8 Count one, two, three if you trust
(믿는다면 하나 둘 셋)
August 15, 2017
The past 4 years of BTS. Their special moment on the last day of trip.
  • A reaction to the first episode was released on July 22, 2017. This is only available to people subscribed to the BTS Channel+.
  • 8 behind the scene cams, a special commentary live of the first episode, and a photo essay are available when you purchase the episodes.

Season 3 (2018)

1 Bon Voyage S3 Ep 1 We are going to Mediterranean Sea!
(우리는 지중해로 간다!)
September 18, 2018
The third trip of going together, BTS is going to a beautiful island of Mediterranean Sea, Malta. They have arrived after 18 hours of long journey and exciting day in Malta begins!
2 Bon Voyage S3 Ep 2 Hello, Malta!
(Hello, Malta!)
September 25, 2018
Celebrated their arrival in Malta on the first day with an exciting boat party. Real Valletta tour began from the next day. Unexpectable schedule to follow over shopping, eating and sightseeing! Do you want to see the members' self-guided tour while getting used to Malta?
3 Bon Voyage S3 Ep 3 A night in Valletta with full of friendship
(우정이 넘치는 발레타의 밤)
October 2, 2018
After finishing the morning schedule, an enjoyable dinner time together at the accommodation. Meanwhile, V is just excited to head towards Malta where other members are... The members went out to explore the night in Valletta before the day they will meet V again. What kind of things will happen on their third friendship trip?
4 Bon Voyage S3 Ep 4 7-1=7
October 9, 2018
The members headed to Gozo Island to enjoy Malta’s sea and activities there. Finally at there! They reunite with V again who came all the way alone. Relaxing one day at Gozo Island where beautiful Mediterranean landscape is unfolded! Also, what is V's most awaited experience?
5 Bon Voyage S3 Ep 5 A way to become camping expert
(캠핑 고수로 가는 길)
October 16, 2018
Today is the camping day! Followed by joyful time hanging out at a quiet sea with less people, the members enjoyed exciting night at the camping ground. They are clumsy but that’s why it’s so fun to see BTS’adjusting to become a camping expert!
6 Bon Voyage S3 Ep 6 Separately and together
(따로, 또 같이)
October 23, 2018
The morning after the camping, the members explored every corner of attractive Malta. Another friendship trip is waiting for them. How precious would it be to have memories while spending time separately and together?
7 Bon Voyage S3 Ep 7 I Know What I Am
(I Know What I Am)
October 30, 2018
The members enjoyed experiencing flying over the sea and had a time to look back at their memories of Malta in their accommodation. Then each member wrote letter to themselves. What did they write on a bit embarrassing but honest letter?
8 Bon Voyage S3 Ep 8 A very special dinner
(아주 특별한 저녁 식사)
November 6, 2018
One week passed so quickly in a slow city, Malta. BTS had unforgettable dinner at a special restaurant during the last night of the trip. Let's have a look together at their last night of the blissful trip!
  • The "Ep. 00" was released on September 12, 2018, as a teaser of the series.
  • 8 behind the scene cams and 2 special clips for A.R.M.Y are also available when you purchase the episodes.


Season 1

  • The only episode available without having to pay is episode 0.
  • The trip started on May 15, 2016.

Season 2

  • This trip happened during the dates of The Wings Tour.
  • The concept of this trip is "Let's eat, have fun, and play".
  • During the live broadcast of the first episode the page collapsed and had to be transmitted again.
  • In the intro of the first episode, RM's previous stage name "Rap Monster" was misspelled as "Rap Moster".